New album GESTALT

Release date = 28th of October 2017













The day has finally come...
Dion and the Magic Chords will bless the world with their second record, GESTALT.

For those who are not familiar with DATMC, the sound of Dion Woestenburg (keys) and Griffin Stuip (drums) takes you on a journey from your favorite 80s children's show theme song showing up in a fever dream - to Casio's 8-bit arpeggios rocking endlessly in space - from Jung’s wild fantasies - to a Kraftwerk-ish Super Mario Land - and back to Schiedam.

The release of GESTALT will be the first chance to witness the integral performance of the album accompanied by visuals -a collage of found and self shot footage by Dion- and a video/light plan -designed and implemented by Nolan- in the sensory installation of KMEX.

GESTALT was born in the KMEX studio with all the gear DATMC could get their hands on. Many different analogue (toy) keyboards, hunted down and dug up from dusty basements or flea markets, newly discovered synths and drum filters made their way onto the record. They built a drum booth to make the drums pop up, and all possible microphone placements have been tried out. The result is a carefully orchestrated toy keyboard-drum fest.

Commusication KMEX
The release will take place at KMEX, Het Grote Ketelmuziek Experiment. Before the concert we warmly welcome you to come play + undergo the KMEX experience.
KMEX is an interactive installation in which visitors can communicate through sound and visuals.

's-Gravelandseweg 567, Schiedam

DOORS: 19:30
SHOWTIME: 20:30 (be on time!)